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Heritage Day in Ottawa

February 6th, 2015

We will be among over 45 exhibitors celebrating Heritage Day at Ottawa City Hall on Tuesday, February 17th from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

We hope you can carve out some time in your day to find our booth and discover “Snow Much Fun” – Goulbourn Museum’s traveling exhibit on winter activities and wear. The items on display touch on some of winter’s most popular pastimes and include a variety of clothing and accessories as well as frequently used wintertime supplies and sporting equipment.

Heritage Day is a nationwide celebration that encourages all Canadians to explore their local heritage, to get involved with stewardship and advocacy groups, and to visit museums, archives, and places of architectural significance.

Join the Cultural and Heritage Services Branch in partnership with the Council of Heritage Organization in Ottawa at Ottawa City Hall, browse informational displays and mingle with over 45 exhibitors at the 2015 Heritage Showcase.

Click HERE ( for more information about Heritage Day.display_cropped

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Declaration: I do make oath

February 16th, 2014

After the initial recruitment and a doctor’s examination, soldiers enlisting in the 100th Regiment of Foot in the early 1800s had to read an oath declaring they met all requirements and had enlisted voluntarily. Play the video below to hear the declaration.
“I [name] do make oath
that I am a protestant
and born of protestant parents;
that I am no apprentice,
nor belong to any regiment of Militia,
or to any other regiment in His Majesties’ service,
and that I have no rupture,
nor was ever troubled with fits,
that I am in no way disabled by lameness or otherwise; but have the perfect use of my limbs,
and that I voluntarily enlisted myself
to serve His Majesty King George,
as a private soldier,
and that I have received all the enlisting money
which I agreed for.” 

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Help Bring Clarence Evelyn Rielly’s War Medals Home!

August 11th, 2013

It has recently come to the attention of Goulbourn Museum that a collection of war medals, belonging to Richmond’s own Clarence Evelyn Rielly have appeared in an auction hosted on EBay. With the community’s help we hope to bring Rielly’s medals home to preserve this local hero’s story for future generations.
Photo Showcased as Part of Auctioned Collection
Clarence Evelyn Rielly served as a Sapper in the First World War with the Canadian Engineers and continued on to serve in the Second World War with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). When Rielly first enlisted, his attestation papers show he worked as a telegraph operator from Richmond. Rielly was born in 1892 and was 24 years old when he enlisted.
This collection includes Rielly’s WWI War Medal and Victory Medal, Second World War Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (CVSM) and War Medal, along with his RCAF Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, general service badge and RCAF Reserve service badge. Also included in the collection are two black and white photographs showing Rielly in his RCAF uniform. This auction of Rielly’s war medals, pins and photographs will close on August 15, 2013 at 2:56 pm.
The auction was first brought to our attention by Dave Thomson from St. George, Ontario. Thomson’s hobby is to find war medals belonging to Canadian veterans and help repatriate them to their family or hometown. The value of this collection to the Museum comes from collection of material as a whole, preserving the story of a war hero from Goulbourn Township. The rarest of the medals in this collection is the RCAF Long Service & Good Conduct Medal. Rielly earned this medal after achieving 18 years of service with the RCAF. These medals were awarded between August 1944 and September 1957. In comparison, there were approximately 1.1 million Canadians who served in the Army, Navy and Air Force during the course of WWII, the majority of whom received the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (CVSM) and the equivalent Second World War Medal. What makes the RCAF Long Service & Good Conduct Medal so special is there were only 487 of these medals awarded to Canadians.  
In 2014, Canadians will commemorate 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. The Museum will be launching an exhibition in June of 2014, and this collection could be incorporated into the exhibit if we can rally enough support and raise money to secure the winning bid. 
Cash or cheque donations can be made to the Goulbourn Museum. If we can raise sufficient funds to secure the winning bid, we will purchase the grouping and accession the items into our artifact collection. Otherwise donations will be used toward improving our collection and creating programs and exhibitions at the Museum. Goulbourn Museum is a registered charity and can offer tax receipts for all contributions over $10, so please be sure to leave your contact information with a donation.
The Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday from 1-4 p.m. and is located at 2064 Huntley Road, just south of Stittsville.
Help to spread the word and let’s bring Clarence Evelyn Rielly’s war medals back to Goulbourn Township!

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Exceptional Women and the War of 1812 Exhibit on at the Stittsville Library

July 31st, 2013

The Goulbourn Museum’s “Exceptional Women and the War of 1812″ exhibit is currently on display at the Stittsville Public Library. Read about the bravery of Laura Secord and Maria Hill and see some artefacts belonging to women of that era.  
One featured artefact is an old-fashioned curling iron.  This item would have been a necessity for upper class women for the purpose of finding a suitable husband and maintaining the appearance of an upper class lifestyle.
Free copies of the Museum’s new booklet “Goulbourn’s Top 12 of 1812″ are also available at our display.  The booklet tells the story of 12 exceptional individuals from Goulbourn’s past and details their achievements. Characters such as Andrew Spearman, Maria Hill and John Crozier are profiled. 
The Exceptional Women and the War of 1812 exhibit will be on display at the Stittsville Public Library until August 31st.

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Finding a Connection at Goulbourn Museum

March 2nd, 2013

Just starting as a new member of the Goulbourn Museum team in February, it was soon apparent that I might have more of a connection to the history of Goulbourn than an interest in becoming involved at the museum. While working in one of the collection storage rooms, on one of my first days at the museum, that I had an ahamoment, and this is the story that unfurled.

Alexander and Mildred Graham were married on September 1, 1928. Soon after being married Alex and Mildred rented the lower level of a log home on Carp Road in Stittsville, from a man named John Junks. Their family soon grew and in this log home their first nine children were born, while baby number ten and eleven were born in their new home, after relocating to Stittsville Main Street in 1947. 

Alexander worked on the railway in Stittsville as a section hand at the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) station. Stittsville had grown around this railway station, after the destruction of Old Stittsville by a great fire that ravaged Carleton County in 1870. The railway brought prosperity to the Goulbourn area, created opportunities for local business to flourish, and became a crucial means of transit between communities along the rail line. Alexander and his family witnessed the growth of the railway and height of its influence throughout the war years, but following the Second World War the decline of rail became apparent with an increasing preference towards the car as a means of travel. Alexander worked a total of 47 years with CPR, had seen the height of influence and decline of the railway, and in the 1960s saw the discontinuation of rail service to Stittsville, and the demolition of the CPR train station in 1969. The 1990s were the finale to railway history in Stittsville, with the last train travelling through the village on January 14, 1990.
Mildred and Alex Graham celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary on September 1st, 1968

Back to present day and I am standing in the collection storage area at Goulbourn Museum; mounted on the wall is a hand crafted wooden sign with the word “Stittville” painted across its length. I had seen this spelling once before, in my grandparent`s house there was a framed image of a circa 1920 Stittsville CPR train station with “Stittville” prominently written across the roof tiles. My grandmother always told us that the extra “s” was a later addition to the village`s name. Below the wooden sign at the museum a label went on to explain, “Stittsville Rail Station Sign. This is the original Train Station sign… Alex Graham, CPR Section Hand for 47 years.”
Stittsville Rail Station Sign – Goulbourn Museum

It was in that moment that a realization of the connection hit me… “Aha!” Alex Graham was my grandma`s father! This wooden sign had been something of significance in Alex`s life, a daily occurrence in the 47 years he spent with the Canadian Pacific Railway. Saved from the demolition of the station, the sign now resides within the collection of Goulbourn Museum to preserve the memory of the station, and promote the importance of the railway in Goulbourn Township. What a surprise that my great-grandpa Graham played some role in making this history happen!

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We’re Hiring! Curatorial Assistant

January 11th, 2013

Job Title: Curatorial Assistant
Closing Date: 5:00 p.m. on January 25, 2013
Salary: $11.00 per hour
Details: 10 hours each weekend on a 20 week contract with the possibility of extension
Web link to Museum:
The Goulbourn Museum is home to interactive and hands-on exhibitions including The 100th Regiment of Foot – about the soldiers who settled Goulbourn Township in 1818 after the War of 1812; The Village Store where kids can dress up as pioneers & shop or barter for supplies; as well as exhibits about early Goulbourn settlers, the communities in the Township, and local services. The Museum has over 8000 artefacts in its collections, and offers over 35 programs and events each year. The Museum has three full time staff members and is supported by over 40 volunteers.
The Goulbourn Museum is seeking a part time employee to work 10 hours each weekend on contract for 20 weeks (with the possibility of an extension) at $11.00 per hour.  Job duties include: developing and assisting with public programs and exhibitions, registering artefacts, and providing museum tours. Post-secondary students are encouraged to apply.
Candidates require excellent English language skills and computer competency.  French language skills, museum experience and knowledge of basic hand tools an asset.  Job shifts include Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays.  There is no public transportation to the Museum site. 
How to Apply:
Resume and cover letter can be mailed, emailed or dropped off in person to Kathryn Ward, Curator-Manager, at 2064 Huntley Road, Stittsville, Ontario, K2S 1B8 or 
5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 25, 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving!

October 7th, 2012

The Museum is closed today for Thanksgiving but will be open again on Tuesday from 1-4 pm. Have a safe & wonderful holiday weekend!

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Family Craft Day Oct. 14

October 2nd, 2012

SPOOKY FALL CRAFTS – Register today to guarantee your spot at this popular family craft event. Come in costume for a chance to win a prize! Click here for event details.

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Letting Kids Play with ‘Fire’!

September 28th, 2012

Check out the awesome craft we have planned for kids at Villagefest tomorrow! We’ll be at Village Square Park between 12-5 pm (Saturday, Sept. 29). At 1 p.m. the Goulbourn Township Historical Society will be unveiling their plaque commemorating the Great Fire.

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Glorious Goulbourn

September 26th, 2012

Tracey & Sue got a bird’s eye view of Goulbourn in all its fall glory today.

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